Feedback from Previous Participants


“SIP was one of my most rewarding experiences so far. As a high-school 
student with very little research experience at the time, starting my
 research project in an unfamiliar topic seemed like a daunting process. 
Raja, Evan, and the other SIP mentors dedicated so much time and energy
 into explaining the relevant material and guiding us along our research. 
Aside from the research, I really enjoyed the conversations with our
 mentors during the lunch time meals and the daily drives to Santa Cruz, as 
well as the activities and outings with the COSMOS students. I was one of
 the three students in the first year of SIP in 2009, and I’m happy to see 
that the program has expanded in the following years and that many more
 students will get this opportunity.”

Kevin Zhang, Alumnus


“SIP was definitely one of my most rewarding academic experiences thus far. It is from SIP that I gained my love for science and my respect of the research process. For one thing, the mentors are special. They pour so much energy and passion into their work — whether through formal research mentorship, educational seminars and talks, or casual lunchtime chats. And the students here are amazing as well. Spending nearly two summers alongside like minded peers, I not only learned from talking about our projects and academics but also had tons of fun exploring UCSC’s lovely forests and relaxing on the beach together. SIP is intellectually enriching, fun, and set on a beautiful campus. What more could one ask for?”

Michelle Deng, Alumnus


“Aneesha benefitted so much from your SIP program and we feel very grateful that she was able to participate. Her two summers at UCSC were instrumental in helping to shape her future plans. Thanks again for all your support of these budding scientists!”

Ena Gupta, Parent


“Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity! I loved every moment of my experience–from time spent with mentors, to the other students, to conducting research–and I hope many more students will have the same great time at SIP as I did!”

2015 SIP Intern


“This unique opportunity that SIP provides for the interns is absolutely amazing! I met so many talented and kind-hearted individuals (interns, mentors, and alumni buddies) from all over the world, who shared a similar passion as me. They taught me countless skills and valuable knowledge that will help me be successful in achieving my dreams and goals. I always knew I wanted to do something related to psychology, which was the reason I applied to SIP. Through SIP, I am now absolutely certain that I want to pursue psychology in the future as well as research topics in memory, which was what my whole project this summer was about. I believe a program that makes such an impact in someone’s life is astonishing. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I received from SIP to experience this impact. Overall, my experience over this summer with SIP was wonderful and definitely unforgettable.”

Leah Kim, Alumna

“Participating in the UCSC SIP program was one of the best decisions I ever made. Under the guidance of my amazing mentors, I learned a ton about astronomy, research, and life in general. Through lunchtime talks and fun social activities, I also forged bonds with my peers and mentors. SIP was an inspirational experience that I am extremely grateful to have been a part of.”

Lucy Cheng, Alumna


“SIP is a great program that provides lifelong benefits to high school students. The mentors not only guide the students in their scientific research, but also serve as role models for the students. My daughter was really inspired by her mentors and found SIP a very rewarding experience. I would recommend this program to every high-school student. Thanks and wish SIP continued success!”

Ningyue Zhao, Parent


“Stepping onto UCSC’s campus that bright June morning of the kickoff, I had no idea what to expect. I had absolutely no experience with astronomy, much less how to find “fluxes” or analyze “spectra.” Over the next three months, under the tutelage of my wonderful mentor, I quickly grew to love the work we were doing. I learned so much about not only the active galactic nuclei our project dealt with, but about the research process, data analysis, writing scientific papers, and giving presentations. The amount of time and effort the mentors expend in helping us, their genuine desire to teach us more, and their unwavering passion for their work still astounds me: I still remember the long walks my fellow interns and I took with our mentor across UCSC’s spectacular, redwood-shaded campus, and the afternoons spent in our mentor’s office, sharing progress and discussing results. However, as much as SIP is defined by the mentors, the experience is also defined by the students. The relationships forged through daily shuttles down to Santa Cruz and back, lunchtime chats about our projects, and a mutual desire to help each other succeed linger long past the last day of the program. Above all, the atmosphere we worked in was one of collaboration and reciprocity—we all shared our collective knowledge and helped each other where we could. In those three months, I gained inspiration from amazing faculty mentors and learned from my peers, and most importantly, I had fun. Honestly, I could not have found a better way to spend my summer.”

Austin Tuan, Alumnus


“This is an awesome, awesome program! I know it’ll grow and attract more hardworking and intelligent students!”

2015 SIP Intern


“I was astounded by the breadth of research that occurs at UCSC. In my department, I felt that the faculty were among the world’s leading experts in the field!”

2015 SIP Intern





Video Testimonials from Former SIP Interns

Aramis M.